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So while the King is out of town, Captain Ecthelion is in charge of the city. He's easy enough to work with.

Gelgannel: *looking over Lio's tasks for the day* you have an inspection of the animal sanctuary

Ecthelion: Really? Is there something amiss there?

Gelgannel: no, we do it weekly. From me to you, I think the King just enjoys playing with the animals
And it's a regular chore not to come back with a platypus or walrus )
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Ecthelion is hard at work in his office when he gets interrupted...

Celegorm: *knocks on Lio's door, then sticks his head in* Busy? Need an interruption? I hope so, because here I am.
Ecthelion:: *looks up from his work and grins* I could use one. Please, interrupt away.
Celegorm: *plops down in a chair across from the desk* Huan needed some dog treats, so I thought that was a good excuse to get out...and come see you. What are you working on?

More city craziness... )
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What is it about life that always lands you being caught by friends when you're at your worst? But, it's alright, I'm feeling much better now. So much so that I let Lio buy me a pint.

Well, after a bit of catching up... )
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He's stumbled back, and before the chill of Mandos has even left his bones, he knows too well where he is.


The name is spoken aloud, not for anyone else but simply as an affirmation, an acceptance of fate's (and the Valars') whim. Glorfindel advances slowly, his feet bare and clothing tattered. Clearly this is an elf who has seen better days. Looking close enough, one might notice the eyes which don't match. Closer still and you may even make out the thin scar beneath beneath one eye. These are a remnant of his death, the place where the Balrog's whip licked up to touch him. They are left to him as a reminder of what will be again.

He stumbles, collapsing near the seventh gate. He's tired and sore - his return too quick, he's certain - but he can feel his heart beat strong and knows he is home. Soon he will be himself again, after a rest and a good meal.

If only he had the energy to get back on his feet...
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Turgon: *walking with Lio and stops to watch a doomsday preacher* *eating some caramel popcorn they got from a stand*

Ecthelion: What is that?

Turgon: Street theatre, maybe

Ecthelion: He seems serious...

Turgon: Huh.

Preacher: *going on about the toxicness inside the city*

Turgon: The sewer system isn't that bad

Ecthelion: Does he know about the cult and all the murders, I wonder.

Turgon: You want to detain him? *doesn't sound disapproving of this idea*

Ecthelion: He's not actually doing anything...

Turgon: Well, for questioning.

Ecthelion: *considers* Let's listen a bit more.

Preacher: And it will all come to a head and we will realize we should have abandoned this sinking ship when we still had our chance!

Ecthelion: Oh uh.

Turgon: Gel told me that around this time of year people give each other gifts, in his time. So I got you something

Ecthelion: You did?

Turgon: I did. *leads him away from the preacher* You like lingerie, right?

Ecthelion: Well. On women?

Turgon: No no, for you.

Ecthelion: Well, I've never worn any...

Turgon: Model for me? *steps into the tower and tugs off his cloak*

Ecthelion: ....

Turgon: *fetches Lio a box filled with chocolates and different coffees*

Ecthelion: Oh, thanks!

Turgon: I thought you'd like this more

Ecthelion: I do. *grins*

Turgon: Don't give any of the good ones to Celegorm

Ecthelion: Can't I share?

Turgon: :< I don't want to give him happiness by accident

Ecthelion: *laughs* I'll try to be miserable while sharing.

Turgon: Oh good. *hug* Happy something. Solstice, I think

Ecthelion: *hugs back* To you too. I'm sorry I'm without a gift.

Turgon: It's not like you knew that you had to get one. Next year! If we remember

Ecthelion: We'll make a note!

Turgon: And see about checking on the cult

Ecthelion: I will. Do you suppose it's the same cult? Or a new one?

Turgon: That's what my brilliant captain finds out

Ecthelion: *nods* Yessir.
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He's been making a stew - still kind of new to this cooking thing, so he hopes it comes out all right.

Celegorm: *opens the front door, stomps the snow off of his boots* Honey, I'm home.

Ecthelion: *comes out of the kitchen* Hey!

Celegorm: *pulls the coffee out of his pocket* I got you a little something. I hope it's not too vanilla-y. My browsing got cut short.

Ecthelion: *takes it with a smile* Oh thanks! *sniffs at it* It smells good. Why, what happened?

Celegorm: *sighs heavily* I saw Father...or, rather, he saw me and decided it would be a fine time for an argument.

Well, that doesn't sound promising... )
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Yeah, I know I probably shouldn't have spied on my brother, but Turd-u is trying to make it more of an issue than it should be. I think someone needs to be taught a lesson...after I find somewhere to hide the silm. And find a way to get back in Lio's good graces.

Celegorm: *comes home from scouting out new locations for the silm in his pocket. has been unsuccessful*

Ecthelion: *stops and just looks at him when he comes in*

Celegorm: *walks in and sees Lio looking odd* ...what's wrong?

Ecthelion: You've been using the cat to spy on Turu and Maglor?

Oh, crap. )
Maybe this will help ease things with Lio.

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Turgon: no putting it off. *pats Idril3's head and phones Lio*

Ecthelion: Hello?

Turgon: 'lo. You busy?

Ecthelion: Not at the moment, no. You need me?

Turgon: Yeah. Don't bring Celegorm, or tell him that you're coming to see me.
It's not exactly fair to do make someone do this to their boyfriend, but Lio did say he was my captain of the guard first )

Now for my next task and I'm done dealing with any Feanorian but Maglor for quite a while:

Off to see the uncle )

EDIT: Have added to the Feanor/Turgon chat.
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Dagnir: *lounges in Lio's office*

Feanor: *studies*

Turgon: so has Celegorm told his father yet?

Ecthelion: Not that I know of. I will ask him later what the status is.

Turgon: I meant it. If he doesn't tell uncle soon, I will

Ecthelion: I know. I'll ask him.
Feanor gets an earful )

Mng. I should have just stayed loyal to Elenwe.
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Baini: *peeking at Lio's bath and attacking the water with one paw*

Ecthelion: *what*

Baini: *fascinated by the water*

Ecthelion: *just trying to take a bath*

Baini: *slips!*

Baini: *splish*
Disaster! Wait, no... )
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Turgon: *has a pug asleep on one side, and a toddler asleep on the other, and two fish swimming in circles in a bowl on his desk as he does paperwork*

Ecthelion: *enters his office; oh well, this is a bad idea because sleeping child and dog and there will be screaming*

He was wrong, but goddamnit, Feanorians )

So that's that. Celegorm has one week to tell his father or I'm telling Feanor myself.
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Ecthelion: *goes to get a cotton ball to put some salve on Baini's burnt paw; while digging for one, finds something else; pulls out a silmaril and stares* What the hell...

Celegorm: *is busy reading a book about leather tanning* Huh...I should try that sometime.

Ecthelion: *comes into the den* Look what I found... *holds out his hand; does not sound happy*

How'd that get there? I have NO IDEA. )
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Ecthelion:*glad to be back at work; goes to see Finrod in his office*

Finrod: *looks up* Hey!

Ecthelion:*grins* Hey! *sits in a chair in front of Finrod's desk* How's it going?

Finrod: Fine, fine. *happily, no new major crimes* What can I do you for?

Ecthelion:*slides over some paperwork* I made some changes in the roster ... put a few more guards on outside duty.

And then they gossip about Turgon. )
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Ecthelion: *comes to see Turgon*

Turgon: *practicing his speech to Maglor about how 'sometimes things are weird but maybe they should talk about the weird thing and not mention how Turgon keeps fleeing' on Gelgannel*

Gelgannel: *drinking his coffee and trying to sound Feanorian-ish* Rargh. Unrest. Silmarils.

Turgon: This isn't helpful

Gelgannel: Uh. What do you want? Me to grab and kiss you?

Turgon: I'd have to fire myself for harassment

Ecthelion: *overhears all this....what is going on?* Turu?

Turgon: --and get back to work!
I chill eventually. )
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Celegorm: *just back from a run with Huan. both are panting. Jogs into the back garden to cool off* That was a long one, eh buddy?

Huan: Woof! [yes!]

Ecthelion: *putting down a dish of food for the kittens; looks up and calls out* Hey! You want some water?

Celegorm: That would be great. *flops down on the grass, Huan next to him*

Ecthelion: *brings out a bowl of water for Huan and a glass for Celegorm* Here you go...

Celegorm: *grins up at Lio* Thanks.

Huan: *dives into the waterbowl and sloshes it all over*

Ecthelion: *gently pushes Celegorm's hair back from his forehead* You're welcome. Good run?

Celegorm: *downs his glass in one gulp* yeah...I may have worn out Huan. We really got after it. Running helps clear my mind, and I have a lot on it...

Huan: *lolls around in the grass*

Ecthelion: *sits down on the grass between them* What's up?

Celegorm: *frowns and gives Lio a serious look* You're not going to like this, and I don't like telling you, but you need to know how much of an idiot Turu is.

Ecthelion: *sighs* Uh oh. What has he done? *expecting to hear about an Idril Four. Or Five*

Surprise! It's NOT a new pet! )

I still have to find out what Turu is up to...
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Dagnir: *spying on Feanor*

Fëanor: *sadly is rather boring; just working on things*

Dagnir: *dozes off and wakes up ten minutes later, deciding to go check on his kittens*

Fëanor: *reading about nuclear weapons*

Dagnir: *hops off to Lio's house and pokes his head through the kitchen window while Lio is doing dishes* mow!
attend to me! )


Jul. 20th, 2013 04:34 pm
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Theoden: *buckling on his armour for his tour of guard duty at the festival*

Ecthelion: *sends for him*

Theoden: *comes in and salutes* sir

Ecthelion: Good afternoon.

Theoden: hello, sir. *curious look*

Ecthelion: Getting ready for the festival?

Theoden: yessir. I've got guard duty for the afternoon.

Ecthelion: I wanted to talk to you about changing your duties.

Theoden: *blinks* to what?

Ecthelion: The King has agreed that we can send human guards outside the city now, especially ones that have been with us for a long while. I'm assigning you as one of the new guards outside.

Theoden: *huge grin* really? I get to go outside, sir?

Ecthelion: *smiles* Yes. Because I trust you. *also might be good to get him away from the other Rohirrim* You'll be with mostly elven guards, but it is your chance.

Theoden: thank you! *excited little bounce on his heels* You won't regret this, sir!

Ecthelion: I don't think I shall.

Theoden: I still have festival duty today, sir?

Ecthelion: You do. This new assignment starts next week, after the festival.

Theoden: *salutes and waits to be excused, all excited*

Ecthelion: Off to the festival with you.

Theoden: *hurries off, thinking of which horse he'll be taking outside*

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I have a plan to give Cele a nice night, I hope he's home soon!

Ecthelion: *waiting for Celegorm to come home from hunting*
Celegorm: *heads straight to the backyard, bow slung over his shoulder and a string of rabbits hung from his belt.*
Ecthelion: *spies him and goes outside* Hey...
Celegorm: *drops the rabbits into a cooler* Hey! *grins* Today was successful.
Ecthelion: *grins* Looks like!
Celegorm: What have you been up to all day? *gives Lio a hug*
Ecthelion: *quick kiss* I went to work this afternoon. And made some plans for us.
Celegorm: *begins stripping off his dirty clothes* Oh? What sort of plans?
Ecthelion: *enjoys watching this* Booked us a private room at one of the bathhouses downtown.
Celegorm: Really? *gets down to his undies and hoses himself off* Then I guess I should put off the shower.
Ecthelion: *nods* I've arranged for a meal for us there as well.
Celegorm: *dripdries* nice! I have always wondered what went on in those sort of places. Give me a second to find something clean to put on and we can head out!

And find out! )

Well, that went very well. :)
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Ecthelion: *comes to see Turgon at the palace, bringing a few reports*

Turgon: *looking at sketches of proposed rides*

Gelgannel: Go right in, sir

Ecthelion: Thanks Gel. *goes in*

Turgon: 'lo. *waves*
Look! Look! RIDES also I killed a man )
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Well, I'm glad it's settled that we're moving to my place. I just have to make room now.

Ecthelion: *cleaning stuff out of his place to make room for Celegorm and Huan*

Kittens: *take their chance to escape*

Baini: *summing herself as a little puffball on the windowsil*

Fun with kittens and Celegorm! )

At least the bed is all ours for tonight right now.


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