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Bonding with my family is letting me learn a lot about them that my tutor NEVER told me. Now that I know I'm not completely insane and can start loosening up here, sooo. We went out and actually had some fun. Not the kind of fun you'd think of having with your grandpa and your uncle but...

in which there is a boy's night out )

Looks like I need to FIND that probably a girl soon, or more than one probably a girl, I'm not gonna be stingy.
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I have come to learn some strange things while in Gondolin and adjusting to the surroundings. Aside from meeting the family members who had died before I was born, and attempting to learn my way around the place, I've come to a decision regarding the training I've had at home, and done something that I think my grandfather, aunt and uncles still left at home would be proud of, were I able to speak to them about it now, and what my mother and father would smile at, but perhaps not act so surprised over. I've applied for a position on the council of nobles here.

In which Elfwine meets Turgon and gets a job. )

And now I'm left with more questions than I had before; I cannot deny that much. It puzzles me that I am the last of the kings of the mark that anyone has heard of in the records here. I cannot say I know the answer or what is to come, but with any luck, I will have answers in the days ahead.

I am also puzzled that I am the first of my countrymen to step up and take a place in the council. It hardly makes sense considering the ancestors I've met here that they would not want to do the same.

Questions to ponder, I suppose. And so many more things to learn.
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Theo: so you're almost a full human again. *taps Dred's brace*

Dred: Just about! Feels good. Melly's pretty sad about it though. I need to find a way to make it better for her

Theo: I think you could buy her off with candy. You know how there's warnings for people not to go out alone right now with the whole horrible murder thing?

Dred: Yeah I'd heard.
In this chat, I find out about another relation and nearly make out with Theodred but it's not what you think )

Oh, he's going to be paying for this for a long time.


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