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It looks like my brother's got his share of bad luck. I'm going to ask Lio to have someone watch over him, although as subtly as possible. Arakano has always struck me as someone who wouldn't want a babysitter.

Turgon: *lets Gwaedhon in once the healer has left*

Gwaedhon: Sir *bows to the king and steps inside* Hello, prince Arakano. I have some questions for you
Baby's second police interview )

If whoever that elf is has become a third victim, well, couldn't happen to a better elf and you know what, I've got to stop thinking people are worthy of death. This is a bad path to go down, after Eol. I still keep thinking about Maeglin as a 'problem'.

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I shouldn't have left my sword at home but I didn't think he would find me again...

Night: *falling, and this street hasn't had the new lights put in on it yet*

Arakano: *walks under the stars, hand on the hilt of his knife, having left his sword at home*

Mirröanwi: Hello *from behind, grabbing Arakano around the throat* I've been looking for you. You've caused me a lot of trouble, just for being you. And I think I owe you for that.

Arakano: *gasps, but takes his knife and manages to cut his attacker's arm* Damn you!

And something really strange happened... )
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Something is going on in this city. I'm not sure what, but I think perhaps Turukáno will be grateful for my gift of weaponry. I will have to ask Theoden what he knows.

Fëanor: *tidying things up in his workshop*
Arakano: *has been looking for a sword, but hasn't found any he really likes, so now he is standing in front of Fëanaro's house, knocking at the door*
Fëanor: *comes out of the workshop and sees someone standing on his doorstep; calls out* Hello?
Arakano: *hopes it was a good idea to come* Uncle Fëanaro?
Fëanor: *surprised by his visit* Arakano, welcome.

Why don't you come in? )

It's good that people accept my swords as gifts. Very good.
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I'm happy I found my elder brother. The last time I saw him I was too sick to have a chat...

Arakano: *feeling calmer since he found out there is a house where he can take advanced painting classes, he is walking in the street and enjoying the fresh air*

Fingon: *is wandering around somewhat idly, on his way to go and get tea. Pauses when he sees someone familiar up ahead, then speeds up to join him* Little brother! How ARE you? *goes to hug him*

Arakano: *starts a bit, but hugs him back* Findekáno! You surprised me! I'm well. How are you, brother?

we talked about many things... )

So glad Findekáno will practice with me! I need to get better with that knife. Just in case...
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We had a long talk...

Turgon: *knocks on the door*

Arakano: *has slept well, wonders who is out there, picks his knife* Who is it?

Turgon: it's your brother!

Arakano: That sounds like Turukano... *opens the door, knife held loosely in his hand* Hello... Are you alone?

Turgon: Yes. Who would I bring that would make you need that?

Arakano: No, no... I just thought you would come with your guards, not alone. You are the king, after all. Come in, Turukano.

Turgon: And you'd pull a knife on my guards? *comes in, taking a seat*

Arakano: *confused* No! Why would I do that? I just didn't think it was you or Findekano.

nobody is taking my knife from me... )

It was good to see Turukáno. I will still train with the knife, just in case...
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I think I missed the festival, but working in the House of Satari was an interesting experience. I want to earn my own living...

Arakano: *massages his temples, trying to stop a headache* I will never drink so much beer again... Not today at least.. *sits on a bench in the park, away from the noise in the street*

Finrod: *feels a bit better having eaten and slept; wandering through the park when he sees a familiar face* Cousin?

Arakano: *thinks he is hearing things but looks up anyway* Findarato? *stands up*

Finrod: Arakano! I did not know you were here... *pleased smile*

and decide I might have to look for another job )

I am so happy Findarato is here! It is almost as if we had been walking on the ice a few days ago, and now we are here...
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I was having nice dreams, but I am hungry again...

Arakano: *is sleeping in the sofa, after having a quick breakfast. He is really tired, but he no longer needs blood transfusions, so that's good*

Celegorm: *is heading out to meet his brother and sees a body on the sofa. Pokes it with his toe* Get up, Moryo! You're too young to sleep the day away.

Arakano: *starts awake* Eh? *looks at the other Elf, blinking and trying to wake up completely* Tyelkormo?

Celegorm: Arakano. *gives him a wry smile* Well, at least it wasn't your brother. What are you doing here?

Turko was nice... but I don't want to think of what he's done on this couch... )

Now I'll find something else to eat, write a note to Moryo and be gone. Just need a place to stay for the night... I think I know where to go...
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But I could have helped them...

Arakano: *leaves a note for Turgon and quietly leaves the castle. He walks through the city, a heavy cloak on, the hood hiding his face*

Caranthir: *is still thinking about the passage, so he walks toward the House of History, oblivious to the festival stands and podium. It is raining, so he hurries up and that's when another Elf bumps into him* What the... Aralkano?

I left the castle but Moryo found me. )

I just hope Tyelkormo doesn't mind me staying in his house for one night. I will sleep in the couch with Huan. I don't want to take Caranthir's bed from him.
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Maglor: *heading to the House of History as he told Caranthir he would help look for the silmaril*
Arakano: *walking around the city, sees a somewhat familiar figure ahead. Walks faster* Hello?
Maglor: *turns and sees the familiar elf...not Fingon...not Turgon...not Fingolfin...* Arakano! *that's the one!*
Arakano: Cousin! *is no longer angry about the burning of the ships, and likes his cousins anyway*
Arakano is easy to get on with... )
Arakano: *leads Maglor, looking around at all the books* There he is! Hi, Moryo!
Maglor: Hello, brother! *quick embrace*
Caranthir: *looks up from his work* Arakano? Maglor? *smiles at them*
Maglor: How are you, wee little brother?
Caranthir: *stops smiling* I'm of age, Maglor *ïs getting used to strange sindarin names* I am fine. Arakano, why are you not in bed?
Arakano *sighs* I told you, I am all right. Really.
Maglor: I am only teasing you, Moryo, you know that!
Caranthir: *calms down, why does Arakano look a bit older than him? No, they must be the same age now* I know. I'm sorry. I'm glad you came.
Maglor: Just think of how mean I would be to Curufin if he were here! *brightly*
Arakano: *smiles too* That would be great! If he were younger than Moryo, that is.
Caranthir: *scowls at Arakano*
Maglor: *amused; for Caranthir's benefit* Curufin has always been younger than Moryo.
Arakano: Yes, but what if he comes from after... *stops, looks embarrassed* I didn't mean, I just thought that he could come from later... I think I'll leave now.
Maglor: *knows what he means, doesn't blame him, just trying to preserve a little of Caranthir's dignity for him* Look after yourself, cousin!
Caranthir: *stops scowling* Come back another day, Arakano.
Arakano: *smiles, and leaves*
Maglor: *waves* So, what did you have in mind, Moryo? *leans against one of the shelves*
Caranthir and Maglor get adventurous. )

Looking back, it was rather stupid of us to not have a lamp or swords. But at least Carnistir was not injured more severely.

Father is going to be so annoyed.
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I had my first real conversation with an actual Elf today. It went better than I thought it would. Father never trusted them, but perhaps he was wrong.

Boromir: *walks from his apartment to the stables, his pockets stuffed with
carrots and apple slices. He makes his way through the crowded streets, to
the edge of the city, into the musty stables. The mare on his right nickers
softly.* Hey, pretty lady. I have a treat for you. *holds out a carrot in
the palm of his and which she nibbles*

Carrots and conversation. )
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So what to do now? I'm not going to my brother's castle yet...

Turgon: *standing patiently waiting for Greentwig to give her answer, bundled up in a coat and scarf despite it not being that low temperature yet, even if the clouds are threatening snow*

Gelgannel: *sitting cross-legged in the grass, marking off what they've already told Greentwig so Turgon doesn't repeat himself or forget what else he needs to say during the long pauses*

Caranthir: *walking around the city hoping to see Maglor*

Arakano: *is out of the House of Healing, though he has to return every two days for more transfusions. Sees Turgon in the distance, but before he could call his brother someone calls him*

Moryo is here! And he is my age now! )

I think I made a new friend, and I understand now why Turkano looks so worried. I guess I'll rest before trying to find new lanscapes to paint.
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I was hoping to leave the Healing House soon. I am bored here...

Turgon: *long day, decides that its in his best interests to see his little brother and relax*

Arakano: *is bored and decides to go exploring* Maybe if I find Alagoss I will be able to convince him to let me leave...

Melkor: *in the halls again, this time seeking Arakano for candy*

and then Turgon came to see me... I want to leave this place as soon as possible... )
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Okay, they're finally not watching me. Time to make my move. These robes they put me in are infinitely better than the sack I was using earlier, not that I'll thank them.

Melkor: *padding through the halls of the house of healing, finally strong enough to leave his bed and unsupervised enough to do so* I should escape. I should run.

Arakano: *has been working on walking around a bit. Feels stronger with the blood Turgon has given him*
This place is full of elves and is a maze. I'm never going to escape. Especially with how often I need to rest )

HOW DARE HE DRAW ME LIKE THAT! I am no small helpless child! I am Melkor! I am powerful! I am feared!

*stomping and shrieking in the middle of the halls, still lost and hits a wall, hurting her hand and dropping the candy*

I will not be trapped like this! I will regain my power and turn this city to rubble!

*stops, over-exerted and curls up on the ground, crying*
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I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't be here, as not everyone seemed to remember me when Turgon came in to visit. He comes every day to see me. I'm glad he came today...

Alagoss promised to keep the secret... )
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The Orc captain was dead, and I could see the others start to react and attack them with renewed resolve. They had fallen on us as soon as we set foot on these lands, but we would drive them back. The white light in the sky was helping, and the fact that I had killed their captain.

The problem was that I was losing too much blood, and my eyes were clouding. I could feel my family's voices, and I could see Alagoss fighting fiercely at my side. At least I would not die alone, because I was dying. I could see my hroa on the ground, and my fëar was adrift, waiting to hear the call of Mandos...

And suddenly my hroa was calling my fëar back and I was still in Alagoss' arms, but there was no battle around us. Had he died too? He looked different... I tried to smile.

"Alagoss..." I whispered and then everything turned dark around me.


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