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Skittering Noise: *in the corner of Aredhel's bedroom*

Aredhel: What... do we have a mouse? *starts looking to the corner, peering in*

Ruby: o.o *two big eyes peer out*

Aredhel: *startled* Ah! Is... who are you?
Nobody here but us bunnies )
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Turgon: *has gotten Idril away to a more secluded part of the festival* There's two things I need to tell you

Idril: What is it, dad?

Turgon: Mng. Well, you know you married a human, yes?

Idril: *nods* yes

Turgon: well. Er.

Turgon: You had a son.

Turgon: and he had two sons.

Turgon: and those two sons are currently in Gondolin

Idril: I have grandkids? And WHAT ELSE? )

I need distraction. Where is Yaban... )

Yaban's the best. He's just so wonderful!


Oct. 18th, 2013 12:08 am
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Finally my gift for Idril is off the printing press. She's getting a technical first edition!

Yaban: *has a book packaged up to give to Idril as a gift*

Idril: *taking a walk, heading for the house of history*

Yaban: *making his way to the palace, going through what to say about the book*

Idril: *sees him and grins, running up to him* hi!
Please take this object as part of a human mating ritual I am inviting you to participate in )

Aaand now I fear for my pitiful human life.
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So Nuala made her visit that evening after the ravens 'encouraged' me to help them.

Yaban: they pecked me until I did it

Nuala: That's generally how they get their way when they can't talk you into something.

Yaban: they didn't give me a chance! Next time if they want something, tell them to peck Grima and I'll do whatever they want
Healthy working environment )
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Kittens: *back in her room when she returns, kittening about*

Idril: where did you kittens go?

Baini: *without thinking, seems to be the dumb kitten* spyin'!

Fiddle: *SMACK*

Baini: ;-;

Dagnette: *covers her head with her paws*


I'm glad Yaban looked that up. Talking cats! Who knew! And he was so angry! @.@ I have to lock everything up now...

Part 1!

Jun. 24th, 2013 09:59 pm
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Yaban: *collecting cherry blossoms from a tree to put by his desk in the house of history*

Idril: *smiles when she sees him, was just on her way to see if he was at work* hello, Yaban!

Yaban: *turns and grins* hey!

Idril: *kisses his cheek* Picking flowers?

Yaban: just getting some branches. *shows his little cuttings*

Idril: They're very pretty. Where will you put them?

Yaban: in a jar at my desk. Something to brighten things up in my cell

Idril: Idril gets her flirt on! )

I just know that cat is up to no good!
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I ran into my favourite niece this evening...

Finrod: *heading towards the palace after work, a small wrapped package of pastries in hand*

Idril: *heading in his direction and waves with a big smile when she sees him* Uncle Finrod!

Finrod: *grins* Idril! How are you, my favourite girl?

Idril: *meets him and gives him a hug* I'm well! Helping dad in the office these days. How are you, uncle?

Finrod: *embraces her in return* I am well! *conspiratorily* Your father needs two people to help in the office? Should I be concerned by his obsessive tendencies?

Somehow this ends in the making of promises. )

Then I give her tea and pastries. Because she is my favourite.
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Had Idril on my mind since our conversation, and pretty sure she's not going to leave it anytime soon. I'm not sure what to do, when I wasn't sure I wanted her I couldn't get rid of her, and when I realized I did, she was gone.

Sweet paperwork, you'll never leave me.

Idril: *finishing up helping Turgon and goes to the bakery to pick up pastries for Gel, then heads to his room, knocking slowly on his door*

Gelgannel: Come in! *pulling on a shirt*

Idril: *goes in, seeing him mostly shirtless just as he pulls it on, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from making a noise of appreciation* Hi. I mentioned I'd stop by, and I have pastries...
And then she just appears )
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Idril: *goes up to Turgon's office in the morning* Dad?

Turgon: hello, dear. *working on paperwork while Idril3 chews a toy in front of the desk*

Idril: *goes in and picks up Idril3, petting him as she sits* I thought I'd see how things are going. Do you need help?
Idril is helpful! )

I need to go visit the girl next, and then Gel...
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So. I went right into a wall of fire.

What the hell was I thinking!?

Gelgannel: *sits there sort of stunned as they take away the raven and girl, and put out the fire*

Gelgannel: *notices the ends of his hair's been burnt and kind of stares before pulling himself up and going back to the fair, REALLY wants to see Idril after that*

Idril: *listening to uncle Maglor play, near the back of the crowd*

Gelgannel: *spots her hair and goes to her, taking her arm* Idril? *voice rough from inhaling smoke*
Not a good night )

I'm not... exactly surprised it didn't work out. I've spent so much time as a sailor, and then working away in the King's office that my contact with women has been spotty at best for the last hundred years. So it wasn't like I knew what I was doing and work WAS important.

But still.
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Gelgannel: *freeing Idril3 from his little outfit before going to the festival*

Idril: *went early to watch her uncles and the help set things up, enjoying the festival atmosphere, hasn't spotted Turgon yet for glomping*

Gelgannel: *finishes his duties, leaves the dog with a servant and goes to meet up with Idril*

Yaban: *already there and trying out confections covered in powdery sugar*

Idril: *laughs when he takes a bite, getting powdered sugar all over his face, and helps him wipe it off, brushing his face with her hand, still giggling* Oh goodness, you'd think to take smaller bites!

Yaban: it looked smaller. My eyes must be too big. Hello, princess *smiles*

Idril: *grins at him* Hi, Yaban. *brushes off the last bit and dusts her hands off* Enjoying the pastry?

This evening started out so well... )

...I think we're done. I've given Gel so many chances, and he still chooses everything else over me. I deserve to be put first! Just like dad, since mom died. But they're different because before she died, he paid attention to her. He wasn't a crazy workaholic, to this extent. Gelgannel is. So I think I'm done.
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Gelgannel: *in the park when Dagnir shows up with his kittens and plays the harp for them*

Kittens: *frolic*

Dagnir: *sits and listens, tail twitching happily*

Idril: *out taking Bainil on a walk and sees Gel* Hey! *then sees Dagnir and wrinkles her nose* ew

Bainil: *happily runs over to her kittens*
Idril is grossed out by Dagnir again, but she does get a little almost-treat by the end of the day... )

Oooh, I'm so glad he's not going to pull away! Dad just likes to try to ruin things, but I won't let him this time!
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Discreet cut for Dagnir's plan to make more spies in action )

Dagnir: *sniffs Feanor*

Feanor: *sniffs Dagnir*

Dagnir: !! *rears onto his back legs and bats Feanor's face*

Feanor: *bats back; but gently*

Dagnir: *mind blown*

Feanor: Mmmhmn. Stop sending letters, you.

Dagnir: *very carefully does not look at Feanor to acknowledge he understood and licks himself instead*

Feanor: I know you understand. I don't understand why you are trying to push Theo and that woman together.

Dagnir: *warring with himself over answering*

Dagnir: *finally* she good mate.

Feanor: They despise each other. You're only getting the two of them into trouble, and in the woman's case, danger.

Dagnir: they no hate soon. He no hate. *annoyed tail licking* It good. She good. I find better way

Feanor: careful, *warning voice* I said no.

Dagnir: *looks Feanor in the eye* You no master.

Feanor: I could be.

Dagnir: *cat snort and hops down from the table, tail in the air* *disdainfully* I choose mine. You no it

Feanor: I choose who to tell that you talk.

Dagnir: *freezes and looks over his shoulder at Feanor* this why I no like you touch my human

Dagnir: you bad. She good

Feanor: I'm not trying to get either of them in trouble, or hurt.

Dagnir: I fix things. You keep away. You let my human go

Feanor: Your human gets to decide if he wants to go or not. And if he does, I will respect his decision. But you don't get to decide for him. Nor for the woman.

Dagnir: He need watched for.

Feanor: Watching out for him is one thing. Manipulating him is another. And getting him in trouble is worse.

Dagnir: I make mistake. I no make it again

Feanor: I will tell him what you're doing.

Dagnir: then it give them the idea. Make it easier

Feanor: If that's what you think.

Dagnir: *hops out the window, wiggles a bit to get through and is gone*

Feanor: *has a plan anyway; heads off to the house of artificers*

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Gelgannel: *sorting papers, and generally putting the affairs of the city in order*

Idril: *humming as she comes near, enjoying the nice weather*

Gelgannel: *poking at his typewriter, in a half-hearted attempt to learn how to use it*

Idril: *sees him and grins, coming closer* hey. Hard at work, I see

Gelgannel: your father isn't in, princess. He's off running business. *doesn't look up at her, is doing WORK okay he's hitting random keys to see what happens*

Idril: *quite pretty today and leans against the desk* what if I wanted to see you?

Gelgannel: *looks up and sort of fullbody pauses when he sees her* ...what would you like with me?

Idril wants sex. Seriously. She's going to make Gelgannel go nude for her again. >.> At least, in her thoughts. )

...I really do like him still. Stupid hormones. We're just supposed to be friends with him, body. Not enjoying his!
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Lio's out of commission and I'm trying not to phone him TOO often, but it's hard. He sounds like he's enjoying Celegorm's company which is making my skin crawl. I mean, yes, yay, my best friend has happiness but it's like a scheme concocted by my enemies. You know. Celegorm.

Ar's mostly forgiven me for keeping her out of the loop about the city, so score. Un-score: she wants involved in it. Of course, keeping her locked away in a tower is what got her into her mess in the first place.

Kid's cute. Love the kid. I hope he doesn't grow up evil.

Turgon: *babysitting Maeglin in his office*

Idril: *comes to see him and possibly take Maeglin off his hands* Daaaad!

Turgon: Idril, darling. Take a seat, I'll be ready for you in just a moment

Idril3: *bark bark bark!*
Hello, daughter, I will now be the Cool Dad )
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Kitchen: *setting out scraps for a cat that's been pestering them since her arrival*

Idril: *comes down and sees that* What's that for?

Chef: Oh, a little creature that knows what it wants. It's hard to resist.

Calico cat: *strides up to where the bowl has been put down and sits down to eat delicately*

Idril gets a cat! )

They tell me she's a "calico". I don't know what that means, but apparently it has to do with her coloring and shape. Whatever the case, she's a beauty and quite gentle! I hope she'll get along with Idril3.
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Turgon: Idril, no matter what he says, do not punch Lio. His stitches might open

Idril: Why would I punch him!

Aredhel: *left Mae with a babysitter*

Turgon: why did you strangle that human?

Idril: Because he was rude and disrespectful

Turgon: *waves a hand, happy to tease his daughter, and leads them off to visit Lio*

Idril: Hmph!

Aredhel: *goes in first, knocking on the door and poking her head in* Are you awake, Lio?

Aredhel, Idril, and Turgon all go to visit Lio while he works on his recovery )

That wasn't so bad! I do hope we didn't traumatize Lio too much. He looks a lot better than Turgon mentioned in the beginning, so I'm thankful. We'll just have to keep visiting until he's better. Maybe next time I'll bring Maeglin with me...
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Gelgannel: *finishing up his paperwork for the day, sipping tea*

Idril: *not sure what to do with herself for the moment since Yaban is busy, and her uncles are taken care of for the moment, so goes to check on Turgon and Idril3, pausing at Gel's desk* Is he in?

Gelgannel: He's in a meeting with the lady Luthien at present, princess. *looks up, bit of his dredlocks falling over one eye*

Idril: a-ah... *finds the word hitched in her throat when she sees him again, feeling that rush again like the first time she saw him* ...will it be a long meeting?

Gelgannel: *nods* He told me to just leave when my time was up, I didn't have to come help him get ready.
but I could entertain you I SUPPOSE )
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Idril: *goes to the park now that she can!*

Greentwig: *swaying gently in the wind*

Yaban: *taking the scarlet macaw from Eressil's zoo on a walk, like Luthien suggested*

Idril: *smiles happily next to the tree and sees Yaban, waving* hello!

Yaban: hey there! *does a sort of slow bird wave with the arm holding the giant bird*

Idril: what kind of bird is that?

Idril and Yaban bond! )

Yaban and I played with an oliphaunt baby! It was so cute! I'm becoming less worried about meeting humans now, and I've actually made a friend with one!
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King's working himself into a tizzy and apparently there's corpses all under my feet. Wonderful.

Gelgannel: *running around getting things organized for Turgon's 'I'm so glad you're not dead Finrod, but Lio is kinda close to it so I can't focus on you right now' welcome*

Idril: *heard that Finrod was back safe and going up to find them to congratulate, and also to check on uncle Lio, and runs into Gel as he rushes around a corner, almost falling* Ack!
Someone's going to get a concussion at this rate )


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