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After the battle with the cultists is over, and the wounded have all been taken to the House of Healing, Fëanor stays behind in the sewers with the remaining guards. As they scurry about quickly, removing the dead bodies of the cultists, and collecting evidence, Fëanor prowls around the altar room, trying to determine the source of the bad feelings and the evil magic. With the death of the cult members, and the disappearance of the leaders, the feelings are weaker, but not gone. Finally, he stops in front of the altar, and examines it thoroughly.

This is it. It must be destroyed. *pulls his sword out*
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Dearest Lio:

I lost Idril2 when I was walking her by your house. If you see her, can you return her to me?


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*spends all morning working on the murder case* I'm getting nowhere with this. I need to clear my head.

Ecthelion leaves his office to walk around the city and check the fountains. After making sure each is in good condition, he stops in the King's Square and sits on the edge of the fountain, takes out his flute, and begins to play.

(Open post for anyone who wants to talk with Lio! Stop by and say hello!)
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If he's still my grandfather after the bunny conversation. I guess he still is and I want to see him and thank him for the horse. I could also tell him about the hunting trip with Celegorm, but he didn't like it that much when I told him the last time.

*Hopes that Turgon is not busy, sees Gelgannel*

Gelgannel: Hello, Gelgannel. Is Grandfather busy? I would like to see him if it's possible.
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Theoden: *shows up at Fingon's with a bag of groceries* *knock knock* Fiiingoon remember I was comiiiing I didn't bring the caaaat

Fingon: *goes to get the door* Hey! Oh good the cat is...yeah. We don't work well together do we?

Theoden: I think he thinks he's my chaperone. In as much as a cat thinks anything besides murder and licking themselves. *comes in* Ready to learn what Rohirrim eat instead of hunks of dead animal?

Fingon: I'm game. *leads him over to the kitchen where he's set things out and has a little table done and everything*

Theoden: *pulls out the ingredients* I had to get a little creative, different climate, different food, but... *eyes it* You know what? Let's just make cookies.
Cooking, snuggling, and discussing the issue of him wanting to fuck his cousin )

I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing about Fingon and his cousin. I just want Fingon to stop feeling bad. The problem is, while I feel comfortable approaching Feanor for Feanor things, I... there's no way I'm going near one of his sons with my track record, especially with questions like THAT.
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The brothers -gon prepare for the festival )

I couldn't get down from that stage soon enough with the way the rain's coming down. At least the umbrella salesmen are doing swift business. *tugs robes around tighter and tries not to shiver*

I've still got business out here before I can go in where it's nice and warm. And the kingdom really doesn't need to see how the cold makes me feel so... out of sorts. Which is why I've been ignoring Gelgannel's attempts to bundle me up. Brave face and all that.

I don't know where Fingon's gone off to. I never did ask why he picked out that particular guard, either. I suppose I could go ask the guard...

*looks up, rain falling on his face* At least it's just rain and no thunder or lightning. Just wish it was with spring or summer, so it would be warm.
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Captain Ecthelion is working away in his office in the Guard House. If you have any business with the Guard, now's a good time to catch him.

(open to anyone who wants to play with Lio, or needs something that the Guards can help with!)

Meet Ati

Jan. 6th, 2013 01:45 pm
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*wiping the counter at the Drunken Maia in anticipation of the evening crowd*

*sets out her tip cup, has been doing pretty good since nobles have started showing up along with the usual crowd of guards, because where nobles go, the populace follows because it's a trend now*

There. Ready. *pours herself a ginger drink, alcohol-free, and sits back*
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So. It's time for a bit of a coffee break. I met someone on the steps

earlier today and sort of thought he was Maitimo and hugged the shit out of this stranger and we got to talking about things and I sort of think I freaked him a little

in which Theo asks Fingon out. Sort of )

But now we're going to coffee so that I can make things up to him. He seems to be very nice and has lovely hair so that's a good start, right?
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It's good to know I get along 0 for 0 of Feanor's kids so far. That's really good for my confidence. And not terrifying at all dealing with a bunch of giants glaring down at me or mocking me.

There's two more in the city, according to the report the captain gave us. Let's see what happens if I meet one of the other ones.

Studying elf anatomy to answer questions has been enlightening. I'm really glad I'm bigger than a regular Rohirrim, let me tell you.

Work related, I have nothing to do. It's my two days off. I like how the winters are here, back in Rohan it'd be covered in feet of snow already and we'd be counting off what's frozen to death. Although... *looks up at the clouds, noticing them gathering and dark grey*

I hope that's rain coming.
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Okay, they're finally not watching me. Time to make my move. These robes they put me in are infinitely better than the sack I was using earlier, not that I'll thank them.

Melkor: *padding through the halls of the house of healing, finally strong enough to leave his bed and unsupervised enough to do so* I should escape. I should run.

Arakano: *has been working on walking around a bit. Feels stronger with the blood Turgon has given him*
This place is full of elves and is a maze. I'm never going to escape. Especially with how often I need to rest )

HOW DARE HE DRAW ME LIKE THAT! I am no small helpless child! I am Melkor! I am powerful! I am feared!

*stomping and shrieking in the middle of the halls, still lost and hits a wall, hurting her hand and dropping the candy*

I will not be trapped like this! I will regain my power and turn this city to rubble!

*stops, over-exerted and curls up on the ground, crying*
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One of Lio's helpful little humans found a descendant of mine as a new arrival and got them set up.

I've been putting off getting acquainted due to the whole 'little brother coming back from the dead but still might die again' thing, but I do want to meet him.

Of course, in my experience, family seems to come with loads of complications.

I've had the histories that feature him sent and there's barely anything, besides a genealogy (seeing the chaos my cousins caused in his father's life noted as well), and so I've really got nothing to go on, besides the fact he's missing his twin.

I've sent a messenger with summons.
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The Orc captain was dead, and I could see the others start to react and attack them with renewed resolve. They had fallen on us as soon as we set foot on these lands, but we would drive them back. The white light in the sky was helping, and the fact that I had killed their captain.

The problem was that I was losing too much blood, and my eyes were clouding. I could feel my family's voices, and I could see Alagoss fighting fiercely at my side. At least I would not die alone, because I was dying. I could see my hroa on the ground, and my fëar was adrift, waiting to hear the call of Mandos...

And suddenly my hroa was calling my fëar back and I was still in Alagoss' arms, but there was no battle around us. Had he died too? He looked different... I tried to smile.

"Alagoss..." I whispered and then everything turned dark around me.
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It was almost time for his working shift to end. He would have to leave his appartment too, but that should be easy enough unless some busybody asked where he was going. He arranged the last books in the shelves and went to collect his belongings. He was very happy that Turko was in Gondolin, and he looked forward to see his father and Maitimo too. He had read a bit more about the kinslayings, and now knew when Turko died, and how. He also knew that he and Curufinwë had died along with their older brother...
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Yaban: *lingering on his lunchbreak outside the House of History, mostly to avoid going in but hoping to catch sight of Luthien again*

Luthien: *approaches the House with a bouquet of flowers in her hands*
She gave me flowers! Well, she gave the House of History flowers. And we shared lunch. And I tried to talk her into disguising herself and escaping the city with me in tow so we could see if there's two of her )

She really is the most beautiful person I've ever met. So I've been distributing the flowers as an excuse not to get to work, putting them in empty inkwells, cups, and in our few windows to dry out.

And of course, a lovely rose for Grima to prove that I am willing to work with a Rohirrim. Like a good obedient scribe. *bow*
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Escaped from my office for a while to do some paperwork in the open air during a non-rainy period. It's a little chill, but that's not so bad.

I need a change of scenery because it seems everytime I'm in my office, another Feanorian shows up. I'm afraid that if I'm in there today, the twins will land in my lap or Maglor will be serenading me in the window.

So I've got coffee, my paperwork, and a waiter giving me polite distance in case I've taken to demanding heads be lopped off.
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So me and Dred are moving out of the apartments to a cottage. The cottage seems fruitful, what with the garden sprouting silmarils and all that, but hopefully in the future it'll stick to things like herbs and beans.

Some of our shift's come to help us move, and Dagnir is helping by trying to take people out whenever they're carrying a heavy box. It's a fun game of 'don't step on the cat because the cat will remove your leg at the knee'.

The cottage comes with furniture, so mostly what we're moving is my books, I've sort of accumulated a lot of them learning about this world and what's going on, and clothes and stuff like that. All of Dred's stuff fit in one box.

There's jussst enough of us that we should be able to get everything to the cottage in one trip and then have beer and whatever food we finally manage to decide on on the way.

The cottage itself is to the north, and near enough to the wall that it'll be an easy walk to go up and look out at the lake and mountains from the walls whenever I feel like it. I've been telling Dred about the giant shadows that live in the water, because I like seeing him go all big eyed.

It's further to the guard station, but with the vehicles they're working on for us, that might not be a problem at some point. Or I could learn how to use a bike. Given how little traffic this area receives, that's actually a possibility since there'll be less people to watch me fall on my face.

...still feeling pretty down about what went down with the silmaril, but wiser people than me have been advising me to just let go and not do something stupid like start a private war with a Feanorian over it.


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