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Things are not right in my family. Which seems to be a constant, rather than an unusual occurrence.

Maedhros: Kano?

Maglor: *briefly scowls to himself* Yeah?

Maedhros: What is up with Father? I went by his house and it's turned into a fortress. All he needs is some heads on spikes on his walls.

Maglor: *arches an eyebrow* Oh good.

Maedhros: Has he done something?

You might want to sit down for this... )

Now I just have to figure out how to work on Father.
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I haven't seen my sons in a bit. Probably best not to drop in on Turkafinwë, considering the rumors I've heard, but I'll see what the eldest two are up to.

Fëanor: *comes to visit his sons*
Maglor: *surprised; Fëanor, out of his workshop?* Hello, father.
Fëanor: Hello. Can I come in?
Maglor: Sure. *steps aside, holding the door*
Maedhros: *in the kitchen* Is that our father? Visting?!
Maglor: Surprising, isn't it? *goes into the kitchen*
Fëanor: *follows Maglor* Yes, yes, I am a hermit. Hello, Nelyafinwë.
Maedhros: Hello, atar. Would you care for coffee?
Fëanor: *considers* I do enjoy coffee. Theoden often brings it to me.
Maglor: Nelyo has a chic new coffee machine.
Maedhros: Yes, well. *doesn't want to speak of Theoden* Let me show you! *demonstrates*
Fëanor: *fascinated* How clever!
Maglor: He can make those cappucinos you like.
Maedhros: *proceeds to whip one up and presents it to Fëanor* Ta da!
Fëanor: *takes and sips* Very good!

In which I am well fed, and bother my sons, like any good father should… )

That was an excellent dinner. Who knew Nelyafinwë was such a good cook? It reminds me of home, and of family times and my wife … but all that is over and behind us now. I have to get back to the tracking device for that devious cat, and I suppose I should plan to attend that spring festival...
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I really have to work on my recipes, so I'll have a good choice when the restaurant opens.

Maedhros: *trying something new for dinner, chicken cacciatore; hopes Maglor's hungry when he gets home*
Maglor: *comes home, sniffing appreciatively* Hey!
Maedhros: Hey! *smiles* I hope you are hungry, there's lots.
Maglor: Oh good. I...invited Finrod.

Excellent! Another guinea pig! )

It was good to see Finderato, and I'm glad he liked the dinner. Now I just have to find another recipe to try for next time...
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I've been trying all kinds of recipes lately. I think it's time to have Fingon be my guinea pig and give Kano a break. Plus, I have an idea I want to run by him.

Maedhros: *has sent Fingon a note inviting him for dinner, plans to make Italian, as it's the next thing he's mastering*
Fingon: *decides that he'd better come up with something to at least go with it with all the hard work and went out to the merchant's area to ask about wines before selecting a good one*
Maedhros: *has prepared a nice pasta dinner, along with a salad and garlic bread; sets the table and waits for Fingon to arrive*
Fingon: *humming something new that he's heard as he makes his way over to Maitimo's and knocks*
Maedhros: *lighting candles on the table; calls out* Come in!
Fingon: *comes in and goes over to give him a kiss*  Hey!
Maedhros: *kisses happily; this is still something of a novelty* Hey...
Fingon:  this smells amazing
Maedhros: Yeah?
Fingon:  Absolutely.  And the candles.  romantic *teasing smile*

In which plans are discussed... )

Now we just have to speak to Turgon, and we can get started.
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I hope Kano is hungry tonight...

Maedhros: *in the kitchen, cooking dinner*
Maglor: *comes in* Mmm, smells good...
Maedhros: Hi, Kano. Thanks! It'll be ready soon.

I come clean over dinner... )

I've got all these cookbooks now, maybe I'll try Mexican tomorrow. Good thing Kano doesn't mind being a guinea pig.
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Has been depressed since seeing Fingon with Theoden, and feeling very lonely; hasn't spoken to his father or brothers (except for Maglor) in weeks; spends most of his time at the House of History, so Maglor won't take the books from him

Maedhros: *spending too much time reading future history; especially about Fingon saving him, and then about Fingon dying*
Fingon: *decides to go looking for Maedhros since it's been a while*
Maedhros: *emerging from the House of History; rather pale, dark circles under his eyes*
Fingon: *spots him from up ahead and runs over to meet him* Maitimo! ...are you all right?
Maedhros: *blinks* Hi Finde. Yes, I'm fine. *not really; pining for him*
Fingon: You don't look okay.   What IS it?  *frowns* did you read something terrible?
Maedhros: Er. Um. Yeah.
Fingon: Can I ask what?   Or... ...We shouldn't talk about this here.  Want to head back to my place?

This is probably a bad idea… )

So. I guess that's all right then. ♥
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I've been hiding spending time in the House of History lately. So much I need to know.

Maedhros: *at home, reading one of the books he got from House of History, getting more and more disturbed, and rubbing his wrist as he reads*
Maglor: *comes in* Hello, brother!
Maedhros: *looks up* Hello, Kano.

In which I am confused, and can't admit things... )

Maybe Kano's right, and I shouldn't be reading all that. But I just want to know everything Fingon did that happened.
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Wow, it really looks like a success! So many people, and they all seem to be having fun. Fingon did a great job.

Maedhros: *walking around the palace grounds, looking at the festival displays*
Fingon: *finally relaxing and letting himself linger and enjoy things as they're all going smoothly. Breathes a sigh of relief*
Maedhros: *stops to look at a craftware display*
Fingon: *spots the hair and runs over hoping it's Maitimo and not Theoden because he feels...weird about that whole thing, gets close enough to see the height and grins, running over* Cousin!
Maedhros: *turns and smiles brilliantly* Finde!

Cue awkward yearning and doublespeak! )

It's always good to spend time with Finde. And make plans. *lovestruck sigh*
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I am excited about having my family over for dinner tonight. I just hope it doesn't end in tears, as family dinners so often did.

Maedhros: *all the rest of the meal is ready, putting steaks on to grill*
Caranthir: *brings wine* Hey!
Maedhros: *grins* Little brother! And you've brought exactly the right thing!
Celegorm: *tucks another bottle of wine under his arm and is holding an eggplant casserole* Hiya, Moryo. Maitimo.
Maglor: *comes out, glad he didn't have to do any cooking; it was his caveat* Hello!
Celegorm: *sets his stuff on the counter and goes to hug both brothers* Kana! *hugs him too*
Maglor: Tyelko! I was half expecting you to be...oh, I don't know. Twenty years old. *kidding*
Maedhros: *hugs all around* Welcome to you both *places the casserole on the table along with the rest of the meal* Now we're just waiting on Father...

Hopefully, he'll arrive before all the wine is gone... )

Well, that was certainly ... informative. And mostly pleasant. Definitely one of our better family get-togethers!
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I am an idiot. Maitimo and I went to the bar the other night before I did...other things and it got...well...

in which Maedhros gives Fingon an incestive. No really )

And then, well. Other..things have happened since then and I can't even wrap my head around it. Honestly I am so fucking confused right now.
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I think I need to get the family all together, see what's going on. And perhaps check on Father, make sure he's behaving himself.

I'll invite my brothers and my father to have dinner with me. A casual get-together. Fun. Hopefully.

*sends notes to them all and heads off to the market to pick up things for a dinner party*
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Takes place after this, and before this.

I wonder about that human Findekáno was flirting with talking to… He doesn't look very strong, I could probably take him and snap… oh. Never mind. I should probably find Findekáno so we can work on the festival.

Maedhros: *goes to the palace, looking for Fingon to talk about the winter festival; kind of feels sad after seeing him with that red-haired human today*
Fingon: *is finishing up signing some permits for the fesitval and thinking about the red-haired human a bit.   Is he using him?   Kind of but... It would be wrong if he and Maedhros. Forget it. Not thinking about that. Thinking about work.  Yup. Work is awesome.*
Maedhros: *gets directions to Fingon's study; wanders the halls wondering what's wrong with him, and why he feels so jealous; knocks at which he thinks is the right door* Hello?
Fingon:  Come in...*at the voice, starts a little guiltily*  Maitimo!

Work + guilt + illicit attraction = awkwardness all around! )

I think a drink is exactly what we need to get my mind off how fucking hot my cousin in relax. Hopefully.
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It's very nice having one of my brothers living with me. The house would feel too quiet if it was just me, all alone.

Maedhros: *comes home to find a piano in the living room*
Maglor: *had nothing to do with that >.>*

How'd it get there then? )

I'll have to get together with Findekáno soon, to let him know Makalaurë agreed to play for us!
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I like this house that Turgon gave me - it's very spacious, although it feels a bit empty. And lonely. I'll have to have Father and Celegorm over. And maybe Fingon...

Maedhros: *at his new house, putting away things he bought at the market today; trying to make it look like a home*
Maglor: *finds the house easily enough -- is decent with maps; knocks, unaware he's holding his breath*
Maedhros: *wonders who it could be; briefly hopes it's Fingon; calls out* Coming! *hurries to open the door*


Well, that was a lovely surprise. At least now the place won't seem so empty. And Moryo's here too? I'm going to have to find him!


Next morning, Maedhros sets off to find his younger brother...

Caranthir: *leaves Celegorm's house early in the morning, after having breakfast. He is still thinking about all that's happened. Should he go to work? Should he visit his father first?*
Maedhros: *goes to get coffee - really loves that coffee that the future arrivals have brought - and heads to Celegorm's to ask him about Caranthir*
Caranthir: *has decided to go to work first and see if Turgon fulfilled his promise of keeping Grima away from him*
Maedhros: *sees him walking by, and stops* Is that... little brother? )

And then we're off to see Father... )

Well. It seems we might have some trouble here in Turukano's city already. I'm glad Father finished my sword.
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People do like to drop by. First that little redhead human child. Too bad he didn't bring that coffee this time.

But then I got another, very welcome visitor!

Feänor: *working on a new sword at his forge*
Maitimo: *walks up and knocks on the door, peeking in* Father?

A visit from my eldest son! )

So wonderful that Nelyafinwë is here now! I hope he finds something to occupy his time - perhaps he and Fingon will find some enterprise for them both.

I best finish this sword for him. He might have need of it.
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I visited Turgon in his office today. It went well. Maybe I can see Fingon soon. I hadn't realized how much I missed seeing him until his name came up in conversation.

Turgon: *thinking very strongly of lunch in his office, since it's a rainy day and he doesn't want to go out to get it*

Maedhros: *shows up in front of Turgon's secretary in a wet hooded coat, muddy boots, soggy hair* Excuse me, is this where I might find Turgon? I'm his cousin.

Excuse me while I drip on your floor. )
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Lots of interesting things turn up in flowerbeds here...a silmaril, a brother. I'm almost afraid to ask what might be found next?

Celegorm: *hears an odd noise out in the backyard. Draws his sword. Motions for Huan, who sniffs and begins to whine* Someone is in the backyard. On the count of three, I’ll open the door and you bite him.

Huan: woof (softly)

Celegorm: One, two *flings open the door to see his brother standing in the middle of the flowerbed, looking lost* Holy shit!

Huan: *rushes over to Maedhros and licks him from head to toe*

Some people claim that there's a redhead to blame... )


Dec. 8th, 2012 10:27 am
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*wakes up in Celegorm's backyard, sits up and rubs his eyes with both hands*

Where am I? *shocked, BOTH HANDS!!* What is happening???! And why does that dog dish have Huan's name on it?


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