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Ecthelion is hard at work in his office when he gets interrupted...

Celegorm: *knocks on Lio's door, then sticks his head in* Busy? Need an interruption? I hope so, because here I am.
Ecthelion:: *looks up from his work and grins* I could use one. Please, interrupt away.
Celegorm: *plops down in a chair across from the desk* Huan needed some dog treats, so I thought that was a good excuse to get out...and come see you. What are you working on?

More city craziness... )
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Fëanor: *has the first silmaril safely stowed away, but can't stop thinking of the second one - it burns in his thoughts, until suddenly all is quiet and then he wonders why*

Fëanor: *decides it's time to pay Celegorm another visit; stalks over to his house and pounds on the door*

Celegorm: *sighs and opens it* Father. What brings you over on this fine, sunny afternoon?

What else? )
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Baini: *snuck into Lio and Celegorm's room after Lio's gone to work to sleep on Celegorm, but distracted by a raven in the window*
Kak and Baini: *proceed to have a 'KEEP AWAY' screaming fight with each other*
Celegorm: *is awake now and not happy about it* Hey! HEY! You two stop it. I want to get some sleep. *rolls over*
Kak: where is the captain!?
Baini: go away! Stupid bird! Go away! *hops on top of Celegorm and puffs up three times her size to scare Kak off*
Kak: *CAW*
Celegorm: *picks up Baini by the scruff of her neck* Stop it! *looks at the bird* He's out. Why do you need to see him?
Baini: *paws flail in the air*
Kak: *with dignity* I want a raise and I'm taking it to the top
Celegorm: *plops Baini down on his lap* Stay. And no clawing. *narrows his eyes at Kak* What have you done to deserve a raise?
Kak: I realized that I and my queen are the only flying members of the guard.
Baini: ravens thieves! *but stays put in Celegorm's lap, claws in*
Celegorm: *cocks an eyebrow* Members of the guard? Since when? Lio has to trust members of his guard. *looks at Baini* You're not helping, little one.
Baini: I sorry. *headbutts Celegorm's chin*
Kak: we were hired! We applied! It's legal! I brought down a thief.
Celegorm: *pets Baini* It's okay. *turns to Kak* You'll have to wait until Lio gets back, then. I know nothing about him hiring any crows. But wait outside. I want to get some sleep. *flops back down*
Kak: lazy! The sun is up!
Baini: you go away! You get out of sunbeam! *curls up on Celegorm's back where the beam should be!*
Kak: *angry flutter and flies away*
Celegorm: Whatever. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. *snuggles into his pillow*
Baini: *purrrrrrr*
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He's been making a stew - still kind of new to this cooking thing, so he hopes it comes out all right.

Celegorm: *opens the front door, stomps the snow off of his boots* Honey, I'm home.

Ecthelion: *comes out of the kitchen* Hey!

Celegorm: *pulls the coffee out of his pocket* I got you a little something. I hope it's not too vanilla-y. My browsing got cut short.

Ecthelion: *takes it with a smile* Oh thanks! *sniffs at it* It smells good. Why, what happened?

Celegorm: *sighs heavily* I saw Father...or, rather, he saw me and decided it would be a fine time for an argument.

Well, that doesn't sound promising... )
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He can't stop thinking about that other silmaril…

Celegorm: *huddles against the cold, is out shopping for an after holiday present for Lio* Hmm...maybe some flavored coffee...
Fëanor: *taking a walk (or perhaps "stalk" is more appropriate) around the city; spots him, and approaches quietly*
Celegorm: *picks up a bag of coffee and sniffs* Not bad. Maybe a bit too much vanilla. *doesn't turn around* Father.
Fëanor: Turkafinwë.

A nice reunion! )

Well, that didn't work out as I had hoped.
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Yeah, I know I probably shouldn't have spied on my brother, but Turd-u is trying to make it more of an issue than it should be. I think someone needs to be taught a lesson...after I find somewhere to hide the silm. And find a way to get back in Lio's good graces.

Celegorm: *comes home from scouting out new locations for the silm in his pocket. has been unsuccessful*

Ecthelion: *stops and just looks at him when he comes in*

Celegorm: *walks in and sees Lio looking odd* ...what's wrong?

Ecthelion: You've been using the cat to spy on Turu and Maglor?

Oh, crap. )
Maybe this will help ease things with Lio.

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Considering everything else that went down, admitting the cat is spying for me seems somewhat trivial.

Celegorm: *stomach in knots, hurries over to Maglor's house and knocks on the door, hoping his Father isn't inside* Kano? You there?

Maglor: *comes to answer* Tyelko, oh good, it's you. *lets him in*

Celegorm: *steps in, looks over his shoulder, then looks around the room* Are we alone?

Maglor: *nods* Yes, Nelyo's out with the twins... Why? What is it? *has his own ideas, but Cele seems more anxious than he expected*

Gee, I wonder what it could be. )
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Father is officially insane. But I didn't actually lie to him. Not technically.

Fëanor: *takes a break from building his new secret lair and decides to reclaim his property; wraps up in a dark and what he hopes is an inconspicuous cloak, and heads over to Celegorm's; pounds at the door*

Celegorm: *hears the pounding and throws the door open in a fit* WHAT?! *sees his father* Oh, Father.

Fëanor: *strides in* I want my silmaril.

which one? )

That damned thing has got to go.
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Ecthelion: *goes to get a cotton ball to put some salve on Baini's burnt paw; while digging for one, finds something else; pulls out a silmaril and stares* What the hell...

Celegorm: *is busy reading a book about leather tanning* Huh...I should try that sometime.

Ecthelion: *comes into the den* Look what I found... *holds out his hand; does not sound happy*

How'd that get there? I have NO IDEA. )
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I visited my dear brother today to deliver some news and ask for advice. Little did I know he had some news of his own.

Celegorm: *knocks on Maglor's door* Hey, you home?

Maglor: *answers* Hey! Come in.

Celegorm: *wanders in and looks around* What happened? It looks like a small hurricane tore through.

A child-sized hurricane. )
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I took Huan and that blasted kitten out for a stroll and came upon something interesting. Now...where to hide it?

Celegorm: Come on! You want to go for a run, don't you?

Huan: Woorrrfff! [yes! and hunt for birds!]

Baini: *following along behind Celegorm and Huan, figures she's gonna be a great hunter too if she can't be a great spy* Mew mew mew mew

Twinkle, twinkly little...whatever )


Sep. 17th, 2013 10:23 am
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Dagnir: *hanging around Lio's house waiting for spy assignments, possibly of use to Celegorm*

Celegorm: *sees Dagnir* What?

Dagnir: *licks his paw and makes it clear he is there for VERY IMPORTANT CAT THINGS*

Celegorm: *sighs* What? I don't have all day. Spit it out.

Dagnir: I wait for boss. I need targets.
Celegorm has targets )
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Celegorm: *just back from a run with Huan. both are panting. Jogs into the back garden to cool off* That was a long one, eh buddy?

Huan: Woof! [yes!]

Ecthelion: *putting down a dish of food for the kittens; looks up and calls out* Hey! You want some water?

Celegorm: That would be great. *flops down on the grass, Huan next to him*

Ecthelion: *brings out a bowl of water for Huan and a glass for Celegorm* Here you go...

Celegorm: *grins up at Lio* Thanks.

Huan: *dives into the waterbowl and sloshes it all over*

Ecthelion: *gently pushes Celegorm's hair back from his forehead* You're welcome. Good run?

Celegorm: *downs his glass in one gulp* yeah...I may have worn out Huan. We really got after it. Running helps clear my mind, and I have a lot on it...

Huan: *lolls around in the grass*

Ecthelion: *sits down on the grass between them* What's up?

Celegorm: *frowns and gives Lio a serious look* You're not going to like this, and I don't like telling you, but you need to know how much of an idiot Turu is.

Ecthelion: *sighs* Uh oh. What has he done? *expecting to hear about an Idril Four. Or Five*

Surprise! It's NOT a new pet! )

I still have to find out what Turu is up to...
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I think Kano actually enjoyed that kiss. Ugh. Just the thought of it makes me nauseated.

Celegorm: *stomps over to Maglor's house and knocks on the door* Are you home, because we have something to discuss.

Maglor: *opens the door, arching an eyebrow at the greeting* Brother, what a surprise. Come in, why don't you? What's this thing we need to discuss?

Hmm. Let's see. Something about a kiss? *barf* )
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Fëanor: *goes prowling through the city, looking for Celegorm's new home*
Celegorm: *is outside in the yard doing some pruning, and filling in holes dug by Huan*
Fëanor: *turns down that street and spies him*
Celegorm: *snips the top off a bush and stands back to admire his work* Perfect.
Fëanor: *doesn't mean to sneak up, but is kind of stealthy* Turkafinwë.
Celegorm: *jumps and whips around* Ahh! Father! *grins* Hi...
Fëanor: Hello! *smiles* I've come to visit!

And now, a visit from your crazy father... )


Aug. 3rd, 2013 03:31 pm
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Turgon: *fretting so much and unfocused and messes up the phone's dialing method, calling Celegorm by accident* *starts off with* Maglor, we need to talk about the kiss--
Celegorm: *shocked and slightly nauseated, but wants to get to the bottom of it* Mmm?
Turgon: *Celegorm and Maglor do sound alike* Look, I was... you got me drunk. That's all it was.
Celegorm: *mind racing* Erm...
Turgon: so don't get any ideas. None. *fiercely*
Celegorm: *getting angry* Ideas?
Turgon: the way you're always teasing me-- no more of that!
Celegorm: You're an easy target.
Turgon: ...
Turgon: ...Celegorm?
Celegorm: What the hell are you doing kissing my brother??
Turgon: *HANGS UP*
Celegorm: *slams the phone down* What the ever loving fuck? KANO, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!
Turgon: *decides it's time to go hide in his room with Idril3 being a therapy puppy*

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I have a plan to give Cele a nice night, I hope he's home soon!

Ecthelion: *waiting for Celegorm to come home from hunting*
Celegorm: *heads straight to the backyard, bow slung over his shoulder and a string of rabbits hung from his belt.*
Ecthelion: *spies him and goes outside* Hey...
Celegorm: *drops the rabbits into a cooler* Hey! *grins* Today was successful.
Ecthelion: *grins* Looks like!
Celegorm: What have you been up to all day? *gives Lio a hug*
Ecthelion: *quick kiss* I went to work this afternoon. And made some plans for us.
Celegorm: *begins stripping off his dirty clothes* Oh? What sort of plans?
Ecthelion: *enjoys watching this* Booked us a private room at one of the bathhouses downtown.
Celegorm: Really? *gets down to his undies and hoses himself off* Then I guess I should put off the shower.
Ecthelion: *nods* I've arranged for a meal for us there as well.
Celegorm: *dripdries* nice! I have always wondered what went on in those sort of places. Give me a second to find something clean to put on and we can head out!

And find out! )

Well, that went very well. :)
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Well, I'm glad it's settled that we're moving to my place. I just have to make room now.

Ecthelion: *cleaning stuff out of his place to make room for Celegorm and Huan*

Kittens: *take their chance to escape*

Baini: *summing herself as a little puffball on the windowsil*

Fun with kittens and Celegorm! )

At least the bed is all ours for tonight right now.
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I walked Lio home from work today, and he told me about the cat that has been spying on Father...and the fact said cat wants to move into our home. I don't like that. Not at all...but I'll give it a try for Lio's sake.

Celegorm: *taps on the door to Lio's office* Want some company?

Ecthelion: *looks up and smiles* Of course. Come in.

Celegorm: *plops down in the chair next to the desk* How's your day been?

Ecthelion: Pretty good. Mostly reading reports, getting caught up on everything that's been going on.

Celegorm: *grins*

You work too hard )
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I ran into Father at the market. He's acting odd...even for him.

Fëanor: *stalking the city with purpose; ignoring the startled glances and upset citizens he leaves in his wake*

Celegorm: *is walking home from the market with some ears of fresh corn and some field peas when he spies his Father* Father?

Fëanor: *inspecting the mosaic on one of the buildings; stops and straightens up* Turkafinwë!

Celegorm: *approaches Feanor and grins* What...what are you doing? *gives him a hug*

Besides acting like a nutjob, of course. )

Celegorm: *walks back to his house, opens the door and calls out* Honey, I'm home!

Ecthelion: *laughs and calls out from the bedroom* I'm in here!

In the bedroom? Imagine that. ) And then things got really fun.


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